Left. Right. Left. Right. 
I’m nearly 40, the Flu hits like a ton of bricks these days. Thank the universe that Colt is breastfed and his mother got a flu shot this year. 

I don’t think I’ll be skipping flu shots anymore. 

Thankfully we didn’t have to scramble or rely on others. Those who follow this blog know that I cashed out my 401k and used my severance to support a “ghetto paternity leave”. Which means I didn’t have to call in to work and worry about a half a week’s wages lost. 

I was able to just have the flu, which is a bit of a luxury for a parent. Knowing that Colt wasn’t going to get sick helped a lot. I truly hope every new parent tries breastfeeding. It’s the bees knees in so many ways. It’s like having your kid hooked up to an illness fighting machine throughout the day and night. 

After being laid up for a few days everything is a little different. Colt is making new noises, he’s more active, he’s starting to experiment with moods. 

There’s so much to get into. So many finite details I want to write about. Losing three days to illness is terrible on a blog. 
I’ll be back, to dig, to share. 

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