I Call It Wednesday 


Time for Nikki to get our teen up and off to school. Today Colt, the baby, decides to wake up at 6AM as well. We are in a parenting phase with our teen that requires a lot of interaction and supervision.

Nikki makes the call, she leaps up and gets the teen out of bed then comes back to our room and feeds the baby.

She’s back up 10 minutes later to spend time with her the older boy. Colt and I snooze.

For about 5 minutes. 


My 3 month old  begins freestyle rapping. Well, he’s getting ready to spit a fresh verse – he’s all hip hop arm flailing and grunting. “ugh, uh uh, ung, uh huh”

in a very quiet and matter of fact voice I say: “Good morning Colt”. 


He turns to see me in the dim light and smiles at me.

I don’t take pictures before I’ve had coffee, but the above shows the same smile we get every day when he wakes up. 

Yesterday I was researching a rare condition called Angelman Syndrome. No, Colt doesn’t have any syndromes that we know of -he’s just happy. It’s crazy what being a parent is like. Maple Syrup Urine Disease and Angelman Syndrome. The internet makes everyone a hypochondriac some times. 

Colt- doesn’t stress out reading Baby MD articles. So he wakes up like this –






It’s an indescribable way to start the day.
Colt and I talk for a couple minutes then it’s time for a diaper change. He’s delighted. He’s always loved having his diaper changed. I chuckle writing that – he’s a happy little creature.

6:30AM we roll out of the bedroom. My 3 1/2 month old has begun developing a sense of expectation – his mother noticed it days ago, I picked up on it yesterday. He turns his head before we get to the hallway window and I slow to let him look.

I hand him to mommy and he begins to eat. I head off to splash my face. She’s already made the coffee and, just like every day, I fall in love with her a little more. We talk with the older boy a bit before he is off the school bus.

Colt smiles and plays as he eats and then he’s done. He doesn’t fall asleep, he’s just hanging out all milk-drunk and happy. We set him down to stretch and play and put on sesame street.

Its and bout 7:15AM

Didn’t even make it through my coffee and we are letting our infant baby watch the idiot box,  I hear the voice of every parent in the world say to me.
He’s far too young to understand any of it, and the images on the screen are barely in color and very blurry to his eyes. He’s not watching TV. Yet. 

But he is hearing language and seeing colors that don’t exist all the time in our home. He plays and looks at the TV. I get pangs of guilt, I mean in my head I know that it’s okay for now to let him have the screen time. It’s a big colorful rectangle that makes  sound. 

I’m worried about when we should start reigning it in, or if we should. I will research it and Nikki will research it and then we will talk about it for weeks.

I don’t have any stress. We know enough to know how to deal with it today-  and we are such a great team that we will be ready and on the same page for tomorrow. 

I’m very immersed in Colt’s existence. I hate to miss a noise or expression. I’m not insane, I haven’t lost my identity and become a transportation system for a baby. I’m not even half a year into his life. It’s fascinating.

I was a child myself that last time I had babies. Having a baby at 39 is not the same kind of blog as having a baby at 16. 

Second Chance Dad becomes an amatuer scientist. I observe and note and Nikki plays along. We’re  breaking ground here by doing what every parent wants to do-  raise our children the best we can. 


I ask myself the following question and then I go get my Dad on. 

What am I gonna do today to raise my children’s self esteem?

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