Silly Humans 

I’m a singer songwriter. I’m a voice actor. I’m a puppeteer. I’m a dancer by day and a storyteller by night 
I do things like recite entire verses to M.C. Hammer songs to make my baby smile. 

When I dance I limp. My son doesn’t notice. When I sing I am monotone-  but he listens as though I were Pavarotti. 

He thinks my curious George impression is perfect. He never cares about the source material-  and to be honest I think I’m more into the silliness than him – at 3 months old.

I’m practicing.
When you see me skip instead of walk. When I start adding vibrato to the itsy bitsy spider. If you catch me rehearsing voices for the Jungle Book.

I’m getting ready for whatever Saturday Morning cartoons means in 2019.

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