Today will be a departure from the norm. 

I usually use this blog to share celebrations in positive parenting and to express my gratitude to the planet Jupiter. 

Writing about my son helps me to leverage my life. It let’s me express my deep and profound humility. He is my second chance at fatherhood. 

I believe that writing is a pure catharsis-  the folly lies in human fault. We could clear our souls of static if we had the slightest inkling about honesty. 

Children require your patience more than your honesty. They won’t judge you as a parent, while young, for what they don’t know about you. They aren’t worried about why you ignore them -the just want your attention.

It doesn’t just stop there. They learn about honesty based on how you interact with adults. A child is a hyper-observant student of human psychology with no prior bias. We balance our children’s morality. 

Is it okay to lie to save a life? Is it okay to lie for money? Is it okay to steal bread to avoid starving? Is it okay to steal grapes from the grocery store? 

I’m not trying to opine on anyone’s morality – just pointing out that every thing we say and do get recorded by children. These observations will feature in future dreams – and nightmares. 

I believe in the spirit and idea of fatherhood. I believe in the power and beauty of manhood. Whether you are gay or straight, CIS gendered or trans, or AI, cyborg, or android:

If you aspire to be a man and a father do it with triumphant gusto and incurable zeal. 

  • Never pass up a chance to be better. 
  • Teach them about loyalty by never betraying them
  • Show them that the true measure of a person is how they act when things don’t go their way
  • Never dismiss the way they feel

I’m not sure of much else, but I know that my son only gets one childhood. I’m blessed to be here. What a waste it would be not to act like the father he deserves.

The honor is a privelage.
Courage is something that happens within. Men who cheat lack courage. A father who hits his children doesn’t have the courage to try another way. Courage is respecting yourself all the time-  by always being respectable. Our children see us as THE example of how they are supposed to, eventually, act.

Courage is always choosing love. Love is always wanting to be the best for the people you love. Having courage isn’t easy, it’s called courage not fun. Love isn’t always easy either. 

I ask myself everyday if I’m the father my family deserves. 

3 thoughts on “Courage

    1. thanks! We are changing what Dad means. I liked what you said about training ju-jitsu AND yoga on your blog. If my son wants to be the prettiest princess at the ball – if he wants to be a blacksmith- I’m his biggest fan.

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